The Dangers of Fraud

By: Aubree Gudgell

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What is Fraud?

Fraud is intentional deception of someone for the gain of the person who tricks them.

The three types of fraud.

The three main types of fraud are:

  • Phishing and Smishing fraud (Fake emails or messages to get someone to provide information)
  • Retail or auction fraud (Buying something online, but you don't actually get what you bought).
  • Work at home (Pay for a work at home kit or component for "easy" job from home, when you are actually paying to rip other people off also).

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How to avoid fraud.

You can avoid fraud, for the most part, by doing these four simple things:

  • Don't reply to emails or texts with personal information. Wherever they say they are from really has your information.
  • Research the website or institution. Make sure to look at the customer ratings.
  • If the website, email, text, etc. looks too good to be true, it probably is not real.
  • Last, learn more about fraud and what you can do to avoid it.