Wairau Valley School

Newsletter Week 4 Term 4 2021

From the Principal

Kia ora Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome to week 4 in the last term of 2021. This has been a quiet term for the children and staff with so many event cancellations both here and in the Marlborough region. This week we were all booked in to be visiting other schools for sports and recreation days, which unfortunately hasn’t happened due to current restrictions. There are still more changes to come.

Sadly, at the end of the school year we will not be hosting a Wairau Valley School Prize Giving for parents and community as in other years. We will hold an event for the children at school that will include prize giving, singing, acknowledgements, followed by some end of year treats for the children. This event will be held from 1.00p.m - 2.00p.m. on Wednesday 15th December, with a live video link for parents to attend virtually. Our last day this term will be a pack up and relax day on Thursday 16th December.

This year we have five amazing Year 8 leavers who fundraised to do something together in December. This year the students will spend a fun day in Marlborough. Their plans so far are a trip to the beach, bowling, lunch in town, dinner with the Board and staff, and the purchase and printing of a 2021 Leavers Hoodie. They have all been incredibly understanding about having to alter their dreams for a trip to a large city.

In term 3 we shared a video link for parents and caregivers to inform you of our upcoming Resilience Project 2022. This week we are finalising our participation throughout 2022 due to very generous outsourced funding. We will send out more information as this gets underway for our school so that you are aware of the project and what to expect.

In case this was missed previously I have included an information link here, https://theresilienceproject.org.nz/about/

Next year the classroom teachers will be holding a parent interview for each child on Tuesday 2nd February 2022. An invitation to book times will be sent out closer to the end of term 4.

Nga mihi



Kia Ora Whanau

Wairau Room has started to learn in full swing. They are working hard to learn new concepts like algebra, writing narratives and about India. They are curious about knowing what India is like. Hopefully your child might be telling you about it. We have just started it so, look forward to hearing from them.

In Maths we are learning to see patterns in numbers shapes that will help us to know our times tables. We read the poem “Ten in the Bed” and made patterns of numbers. Here are some patterns created by students below.

In writing we have been learning to tell stories. The children have to plan their characters, plot and setting and tell their story. Here are some stories below.

The students have been busy learning about birds with Mrs. Henderson, while I did the testing to write reports for the end of the year. Please continue to support your child in their reading and asking questions about their learning. Thank you.

Mrs Kumar and Rachel


Growth Mindset

Over the last few weeks Chalice room has been using the Growth Mindset philosophy to develop our approach to learning. Students have come to appreciate the benefit of struggle in learning, effort as the way forward, and constructive criticism as a learning opportunity. Their success in this has been evident in the progress they have made in their soccer. Following a, perhaps, chaotic initial game, students have observed, analysed and adjusted their approach. They have progressed from the classic bunched following of the ball around the field, to positional play and teamwork in passing the ball. Their mantra prior to a game has become “What mistakes can we learn from today?” But most pleasing has been the way that many of those students who are yet to develop the skills of the game have stepped up and taken on positions they would not normally play. Students who were previously comfortable hanging back around the goal, avoiding the challenges of the game, have now played in positions in the thick of the action. It has been extremely pleasing to see their success celebrated by the whole class!

The class has also taken on the Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure. This is an online activity where the students score points through healthy habits that propels them as a class around the world. Students wear pedometers to record their steps and take note of the healthy foods they eat, the hours they sleep, and the moments taken for quiet mindfulness. Students enter their data daily and can witness the progress of their avatars around the course.

Michael Gasson

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How Can We Tell

We think we know about flowers but do we really

How can we tell?

Do people avoid roses because they have thorns

If dandelions had a choice would they be picked to grant our wishes

Do daisies like being threaded together and hung around our necks

Do poppies want that heavy burden of being the flower that reminds you of Anzac

We think we know about flowers, but do we really?



Time is older than you

Time flies faster than the speed of light

Time is slow when you think of it, and fast when you don’t

Time melts my ice block

Time is a due for some people

It starts, then it stops

Time is older than you



Sunshine, sunset

Night and day

The change of seasons

The smell of hay

Look at your hair grow, isn’t it strange

See how time makes your appearance change



Time speeds up when you’re up

Time slows down when you’re down

You can have a short, but happy life



Five minutes can feel like five months

But months can feel like days

When you’re in bed it feels like years

When you’re asleep, boom, it’s gone

Time goes like that and you can’t get it back, whatever you do


Sketching and Drawing - Term 4

Fruit, Vegetables and Popcorn


Thursday November 18th at 3pm



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The Year 8 students are selling juicies at morning tea, due to this hot weather.

Starting Monday 15th November

$1.00 each

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Important Dates Term 3

First bell 8:50 a.m.

Finish time 2:45 p.m.

Last Day of Term 4 - 16 Dec


Please remember to call or message the school office if your child is sick

(telling the bus driver is not an appropriate method of informing the school).

Please inform the school if you are removing your child from class early.

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