The Enlightenment of Media Literacy

What does Media Literacy mean

The World

During the early periods of the world everything was on paper and took months to update civilians. However today, the 21st century, the world developed new technology that delivers us current events at the push of a button. As new types of media form the people must develop the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media in a variety of forms, this is called media literacy. Media literacy allows citizens of all age or gender to interpret information and make opinions based on their belief.

Media literacy is not just being updated with current events or able to remember facts that happened. Rather the importance of Media literacy is the ability to develop a voice and become a person with thoughts. This form of education can really benefit the current or next generation developing media literacy skills, their ability can shape our society. If a person lacks this skill he/she will just conform, going with the flow, without any sort of voice and lack the ability understand and contribute to his/her society

Today variety forms of media allows people to connect with the world a lot more easily. This period it is crucial to have some critical thinking skills. Some parents want to prevent kids from watching media to refrain them from the bad influence of the world. However as kids cannot be blocked from today media because it is a part of society. These kids will be able to understand the media and interpret it in their minds and form their own opinions, media literate.