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April 23-27, 2018

from J-

This week you may have gained some insight into the leadership direction we are headed. I'm excited to have Tracy Daniels join our team at Sunshine, and also for opportunities that Josh will have/create at Harrison. We still have some leadership slots to complete, and I'm looking forward to what our complete team will bring for next year.

Please allow a moment of gratitude and a love-fest for one specific person. Bret has added immeasurable value to the elementary division. He has served as your day-to-day go-to person, and done so with the highest integrity and service. While his leadership change will be a loss for the elementary division, he will have a greater impact on our system, and our elementary division will be the better for it. He makes me a better leader and person, and I look forward to continuing working alongside him. Congrats on the new role Bret!

It's the last full week of April! How it goes is completely up to you!

The Principle of Humbleness

Making daily decisions from a place of intellectual humbleness is a great operating principle for life and work. Be humble.

from Bret-

We canceled Delta team this week.

Performance Analytics provided us this spreadsheet which highlights the three year trend (2015-2017) for K-5 attendance and shows schools who held steady at the max 10 points possible. If you need ideas on how you could use this data with your staff to create a sense of urgency about attendance, let me know.

As a reminder, the priority metrics we hope to embed in the daily work of our schools includes the following list. I encourage you to begin thinking how you can create a sense of urgency around each metric:

· Student Achievement Data

· School Climate & Learning Culture Data

· Student & Staff Attendance

· Graduation Rates

· Learning Experiences & Extracurricular Data

· Discipline and Referral Rates

· Safety Drill Data

Tip of the Week

SPLS must be visible to students, team members, and leaders. What evidence of learning might you celebrate this year? As you think toward next year, what would you like students to be able to notice after each of their teachers’ learning opportunities?

Watch for an email from Panorama to see your site’s Needs Assessment results if you would like to preview before your SPLS Work Day. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Focusing on 3 Layers of Education

"we should always look at new and better ways of doing things in the environment, talent development, and the learner experience"

collection of IGNiTE devices

Reminder: If you have not already filled out the form identifying when you plan to collect IGNiTE devices and when you would like deployment to occur next year, please do so here as soon possible. If you have individual requests for collection or deployment, please reach out to Bruce or Nichole.

from AAA-

As part of the Engaging, Relevant and Personalized feedback loop, the school district partnered with Panorama, an analytics organization that will help us learn more about our school culture and climate. Beginning April 2, 2018, all certified teachers and all students grades 3-12 are asked to participate in a brief electronic survey. The surveys should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Students and parents are also given the opportunity to complete a survey through link email to you. Our goal is 100% participation in your building for teachers and students. The survey will be open from now through April 27, 2018.

District Testing Information

MAP Testing Window – April 23 through May 11

EOC Testing Window – April 24 through May 2

EOY i-Ready Window – Open now and runs through May 22

Advanced Placement Window – May 7 through May 18

Here is a link to a Google Document that includes all the latest news, updates and testing tips for district MAP testing. Information from the AAA department, DESE and DRC will be posted here for you to reference. If you have any questions, please contact the AAA department at 523-0014.

Data Bytes

The week of April 20,2018, be looking for a new, live version of your Power BI dashboard! The SPS Analytics team has reconfigured the dashboard and the report stack to align with the needs of the SPLS SAP plan! As mentioned, it will be live and functional this coming week; therefore, there is a training video available on the AAA Canvas page (Training Materials > Protocols) to give you a tour! Look for the video and its accompanying handouts to introduce yourself to the new environment.

As always, please leave us feedback! We love to hear from you J

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