July 2014 Success Report

The Charming Dotties

JULY 2014 Combined Team Sales

As a TEAM we sold....

If you sold one pair of earrings, had a trunk show or 4 trunk shows, or beat your best in sales... you were a part of that!!!

Look at all that you achieved!

Top 10 in Sales for July 2014

Kathleen Wolney 3639

Shelly Culbertson 2772

Michelle Duprey 2671

Kelli Robinson 2497

Brandi Lawrey 2312

Patricia Brennan 2281

Gemma Rockett 1937

Alexandrea Garza 1917

Melissa DeGroat 1903

Meghann VanderBaan 1761

Hit 1500 PCV (aka sold at least $2308 retail) & earned their 30% Commission!

Whohoo! Bigger Paychecks!!

Kathleen Wolney

Shelly Culbertson

Michelle Duprey

Kelli Robinson

Brandi Lawrey

Top in Qualified Sponsoring

Meghan Heuring - 1 New Qualified Stylist

Qualified (Sold at least $500 retail -aka 325 PCV)

Melissa DeGroat

Sabrina Kaufman

Meghann VanderBaan

Jeanne Salazar

Michelle Duprey

Patricia Brennan

Shelly Culbertson

Kimberly Hardin

Jacquelyn Kallam

Meghan Kreher

Jaime Holocher

Brittany Jensen

Kristy Jones

Joanna Collins

Sue O'Callaghan

Nicole Kleppe

Alexandrea Garza

Brenda Mcgeever

Jenifer Spiga

Jessica Jobak

Gemma Rockett

Leslie Madden

Carrie Chung

Amanda Byrne

Julie Ryan Lynch

Andrea Scheele

Brandi Lawrey

Kathleen Wolney

Kelli Robinson

Hoopla 2014

Hoopla ladies- this photo means the WORLD to me!! Thank you for SUCH a special time in Orlando this year!!

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Fun video slide show of our Hoopla Photos

Hoopla 2014 Charming Dotties slide show