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April 2022 Character Theme of the Month: Personal Safety

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Dear Beeson Families,

All parents can be helpful in their children’s literacy development regardless of your language, education, or literacy level. According to research, these tips serve to be helpful and can enhance your child to become an excellent reader.

  1. Storytelling: By telling stories, parents are developing their children’s vocabulary and oral language skills. Give your child an opportunity to tell you oral stories.
  2. Read wordless picture books: This can be a fun way to spend time with your child. Children can learn how stories progress, make predictions, and develop a love for books.
  3. Say rhymes and sing songs: Rhymes, songs, and chants can develop oral language skills such as intonation and word stress
  4. Make frequent trips to the public library: There are so many treasures at our local library and there is a friendly staff waiting to help you learn all they can offer.
  5. Engage in meaningful conversation: It is important to engage your students in meaningful conversation. Whether they are at the dinner table, grocery store, before or after school, you can ask questions that require more than just answering yes or no.
  6. Watch educational children’s television or education apps together: There are many wonderful shows and apps that promote language and literacy development.
  7. If you do not speak English, read books in your native language: Our public library has many books in different languages that you can check out to take home to read as a family.
  8. Start a home library: The schools are great places to get free books. We give free books at family events and give them away as birthday gifts. You would be surprised the wealth of good books that you would find at garage sales.

As always, we encourage you to dedicate 10 – 20 minutes a night to literacy in your home. Whether you are reading a book or doing any of the above, it will be a big benefit to your child.

Happy Reading!

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April Events

Date Activity/Location Time

Monday, April 11th, Board of Education@Board rm.- 6:00 p.m

Thursday, April 14th, PreK-12-No School-Staff Dev. Day-2hr. Early Dismissal

Friday, April 15th, PreK-12-No School-Easter Break

Sunday, April 17th, Happy Easter

Monday, April 18th, PreK-12-No School-Easter Break

Monday, April 25th, Board of Education Mtg.@ Soule Elementary-12:00 p.m.

Thursday, April 28th, Title 1 Reading Day of the Child, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Big picture

PE News Jumping for Change

Thank you Beeson School for participating in Kids Heart Challenge, formally known as Jump Rope for Heart. We were able to raise $1,200. This money is donated to the American Heart Foundation. They use this money to help fight heart disease through research and medical treatment. Our top fundraiser was Aveleen Long, raising $131.00. Thanks for everyone who was able to participate and thank you for your generosity. Our help makes a positive difference.

PE Teachers

Mr. Kemmerer

Mr. Olivares

Library Lines

This month we will celebrate National Poetry Month. We will look at poetry and even try writing our own poems. We will be celebrating the day of the Child/book on Thursday, April 28.

Remember to read everyday!

Counselor's Corner

Throughout the month of April, we will be discussing SAFETY.

Rules for dealing with strangers include:

1. Don’t talk with strangers.

2. Don’t take or give anything to a stranger

3. Stay at least an arm’s reach away

4. Never go anywhere with a stranger

5. Stay away from isolated places

6. Follow your instincts and when approached by a stranger always tell a trusted adult.