Shiloh Scoop Winter Edition

December 2021 Information about the upcoming annual meeting

Annual meeting of the Shiloh Farms HOA

The annual meeting of the Shiloh Farms HOA will be held at:

Eastgate Church

Location: 2820 Brookwood Road

Cumming, GA 30041

Time: 10am

Date: Saturday, February 5th.

A formal invitation, including proxies, will be sent in the mail and should be delivered to homes on or around January 15.

Several items will be going up for a vote at the annual meeting. We will be voting on gating the community (which will include a vote for a single trash company) and the possibility of switching to a single trash company (if the gates are voted down). The trash option will only be for the HOA paying a master bill to the consulting company. Therefore, HOA fees will increase with this option but you will no longer have to pay a trash bill. The County obligates that 75% of all Homeowners approve fully gating our Community because it will require us to abandon our roads and assume responsibility for maintaining them.

A detailed breakdown of the costs associated with the gates and trash option will be distributed via email approximately 2 weeks before the meeting. We will also be asking that you email the board with any questions about the emailed gate material before the meeting so the Board is prepared to answer any specific questions.

Please come prepared to vote. The vote must be held at the meeting. If you cannot attend in person, please be sure to complete the proxy and email it to or give it to a board member, so we can ensure we have a quorum. Voting will not be allowed (enabled) by those who attend via Zoom, so please complete the proxy.

Zoom link:

Two new contacts in the Community

Forsyth County Community Communications Coordinator

Taylor Hall is the brand new Forsyth County Community Communications Coordinator. Please contact Taylor with any county questions. She will be the new point person to find out any information you are looking for in the county.

110 E. Main Street, Suite 210

Cumming, GA 30040

470-233-5473 (mobile)

Amazon Community Contact

The Board met with a group of Amazon representatives recently. They are very interested in being good neighbors. If you have questions or concerns about any of their practices, please email

Concrete work in Shiloh

Cookies with Santa 2021

Cookies with Santa was a HUGE success. Thank you to Christy Louella, Amy McCulley, and Deb Elder for arranging and volunteering at this event again this year. Thank you as well to all of the volunteers who decorated the tree and clubhouse.

Fall Festival 2021

The Annual Fall Festival was also amazing. Thank you to Christy Louella, Amy McCulley and all the wonderful volunteers that helped to put on this family friendly event.


1.) The street light by my house is out. Who do I contact to get this addressed?

Street lights are maintained by Sawnee EMC. You can call them at 770-887-2363 and provide them your street address.

You may be asked to provide a light number that you can find on the pole itself.

2) How to contact Forsyth County Animal Services to report a dead animal on the street:

Contact Roads and Bridges: 770-781-2155

3) To report Animal Services violations:

Contact Forsyth County Animal services: 770-781-2138

According to Forsyth County Animal services:

Q. Can my dog be tied up outside?
A. No. Dogs are not permitted to be tied or chained up and unattended at any time.

Q. There are dogs barking in my neighborhood. What can I do?
A. The offense can be reported to Animal Services to investigate. Please note that unreasonable barking or other noises shall mean barks, bays, cries, howls or other noises that are continuous or incessant for a period of 30 minutes, or are intermittent for a period of one hour or more.

Other common FAQ's can be found at the embedded link below.

Welcome new Shiloh Community homeowners!

The Shiloh Farms HOA Board would like to extend a warm welcome to all new homeowners who have moved into our community over the past few months. Please contact us with any questions and take a look at our Welcome packet! Please register on the HOA website.


Director Hokan Ojert President Ridgefield

Director Jane McLain Vice President Belmont

Director Gary Nixon Treasurer Belmont

Director Lance Hall Secretary Belmont

Director Dawn Bourg Member at Large Crofton

Association Manager (CMA)Carrie Neville404-835-9216CMA