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No that's not a crash and burn situation, it's more a call for applause and celebrations!

Can you see the finish line? Well let's make everyday count. Every teacher on every campus has impacted the lives of their students. Angela and I witness this everyday. The task of being a teacher is not an easy one, it's one that requires much and pays with progress. The return is the growth you witness at the end of each day and year, and knowing you were apart of the positive light that surrounded each student daily. You leave a mark on every student that enters your room. When you go home at the end of day, let that be your last thought.

We are wrapping up on our spring testing for K-2nd grades, beginning our EOY LPACs, and preparing our records for our 5th grade soon to be 6th graders. Intensive interventions and supports in the classrooms and in small groups will continue through the end of this school year. While paperwork is flying around myself and Angela, and we're running here, there, and everywhere, we are still available if you need anything specific for any of our LEP students. We are more than willing(as always) to help and support you, just communicate any need that you might have by email, phone, or in person.

Thank you,

Adelina Parks

Academic Vocabulary and ELLs

Teaching Vocabulary to English Language Learners

SIOP Component #8: Review and Assessment

Component 8: Review and Assessment

Language Acquisition Team Schedule

2015-2016 SCHEDULE

Monday-Parks and Trevino @ VRE

Tuesday-Parks @ HVE, Trevino @ VRE

Wednesday-Parks @ VRE, Trevino @ McA

Thursday-Trevino @ HVE, Parks A.M. @VRE, P.M. @ McA

Friday-Parks @ McA, Trevino A.M. @ VRE, P.M. @HVE or McA

Thank you,

Adelina Parks

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