Bulling needs to STOP.


Bullying is one of the most hurtful things that any teen or kids have in their schooling years. Some gets bullied for their race, who they like, hang out with, who are quiet, which race they like or whatever. I mean if someone likes their own gender, they shouldn't get picked on because of that, god made everyone not perfect and some people needs to get through their heads.

Resources say that Bullies pick on other students because they feel bad about themselves. Like having low self-esteem, gets abuse at home, showing off in front of everybody or they are all about themselves

Here are three real life facts about bullying..

1) Nearly 43% kids been bully online.

2) Girls are about twice as likely as boys to be victims and perpetrators of cyber bullying.

3) Bullying Victims are 2 or 9 times more likely to consider commit suicide.