10.1 Science

Explaining The Early Universe

Big Bang Theory

-Used to think everything in the sky was static / did not change

- One small point

-Suddenly exploded into everything we know today

-Proof is that galaxies are moving away from each other at a slower pace

-Universe is still expanding

-The universe has been cooling ever since the Big Bang

Cosmic Radiation

Cosmic radiation is another fact supporting the Big Bang Theory. Scientists believe that this radiation is left over from the Big Bang Theory.

Red Shift

The red shift analyses is when celestial bodies move farther away from each other creating a longer wavelength, which is closer to the colour red on the spectrum. We can use the red shift to determine that the universe is still expanding.

The blue shift is when celestial bodies are moving closer to each other creating a faster wavelength, which is closer to the colour blue on the spectrum.


The Hubble Space Craft was created by Edwin Hubble. It has been able to give us a much greater understanding of our universe. Edwin Hubble used the information that he gathered from his telescope to predict that the universe is still expanding today.