Hunger in Africa

By: Lacey Lardinois

Are you ever hungry after school? Imagine having that feeling 24/7.

How hunger affects people in Africa.

Many adults and children are dying because they are not getting the food they need, that will then lead to malnutrition. Malnutrition will increase the chance of death.

"NAIROBI, Kenya — Five children around Africa die every minute because of chronic malnutrition, according to a report released Wednesday that also said that almost half a billion children are at risk of permanent damage over the next 15 years."


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Less then 60% of Africans earn a dollar or less a day. That dollar has to feed their whole family.

About 1 billion people regularly suffer from hunger, most are moms that feed their family and there is not any food left for them to eat.

The drought caused a food shortage in Africa.

The drought caused many people to go hungry.

The farmers could not farm because they had no water to water their crops.

Lack of knowledge caused farmers to over use the land which didn't help the soil to remain moist and productive.

The people of Africa need to change the way they farm to increase the supply of food.

By using genetically modified crops farmers will be able to produce more food in the hard times.

The government has outlawed the use of genetically modified crops. This must be revoked so that Africa's farmers can provide more food for their people.

Better irrigation is also needed to help the crops grow.

Hunger is prevalent throughout Africa caused by lack of food, bad farming conditions related to drought and poor soil conditions.

Farming, drought, and lack of government assistance has led to many people not having enough food.

Hungry 24/7 is a hard way to live and do to conditions in Africa many people live that way.