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What's Happening in the Hood?! Vol. 2, No. 1, January 2019

Happy New Year Parksiders!!! Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to the Parkside Post! This newsletter has been created by the Parkside HOA Board in an effort to enhance communication in the neighborhood. It contains lots of important information like meeting dates/times, event information, and also answers to frequently asked questions! We hope it is helpful and you enjoy it!


January 9 @ 7pm - HOA Board Meeting

Come help us kick off the New Year at the next meeting! The HOA will provide light snacks.

What's New?

Did You Know???

  • You can now login to your Spectrum account and look at the Event Calendar to see if the Amenity Center is available on the day you'd like to reserve it. The Board is well aware that the Amenity Center Reservation system with Spectrum is less than perfect and has been putting a great deal of pressure on Spectrum to upgrade the system. They are currently working to resolve the issue by piloting a new online reservation system that will be much easier to use. Unfortunately, Parkside won't have this system available until much later this year. In the interim, Ander Mitchell our Community Manager, has agreed to keep this calendar updated with all reservations to make the current process a little easier.
  • Holiday lights and decorations must be down thirty (30) days after the holiday. Please start to make plans to remove yours as we approach this deadline.
  • Trash pickup day in Parkside is Wednesday. You can put your cans out as early as noon on Tuesday and leave them out as late noon on Thursday. Recycle is picked up every other Wednesday. The next pickup for recycle is January 9.
  • New Year's, Thanksgiving, and Christmas sometimes delay trash pickup. If the holiday is on or before the collection day that week, your container will be serviced one day later.
  • You can rent the Amenity Center for private parties. The Board has recently adopted a new flat $15 hourly rate with no minimum number of hours. If you'd like to book the Amenity Center, simply go to to reserve your event or click on the button toward the bottom of this newsletter.
  • Ander Mitchell, our community manager holds office hours right here in Parkside for your convenience! He is typically at the Amenity Center at 325 Parkside Parkway on Mondays, Tuesday afternoons, and Fridays. Appointments are preferred and you can set that up by emailing him at


Why did the holiday lights at the front of the neighborhood have so many issues??

The holiday lights not working have been an ongoing issue for years. Every year it seems to become a crisis when the problem seems to be fixed and then another one pops up. Please know that all of the Board members were and are actively involved on a daily basis working with Spectrum, electrical contractors, and the light installation company trying to sort out the issue. The electrical system at the front of the neighborhood needs to be evaluated for defects and then repaired. Stay tuned for updates!

How do I set up an account with Spectrum, our new management company?

Setting up an online account with Spectrum is necessary in order to receive official HOA communication. Click here to get started! If you run into any issues setting up your account OR have set up your account and still aren't receiving emails from Spectrum, please send an email to
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