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Hi my name is Mohamed Ali sometimes people think that just just because I have that name I am gonna become a boxer but I don't have an interest in fighting.the sport I have an interest in is basketball.ever since I was a little kid I liked to throw things in the air and that's were I got the talent to shoot but anyway one day my mom bought me a little basketballs for kids .i would play with it all the time it was my favorite thing to play with.as I was getting older my dream of basketball was growing bigger and bigger until one day i went to my moms room and told her that wanted to be in basketball one day and accomplish my dream.she told me the I would have to grow first and I told her i know and then she told me that before all you need education so you have to go to school learn get good grades and built up your knowledge.when your smart enough you will graduate from college and when you graduate from college you will find jobs easier and maybe you can even join the nba and accomplish your dream .when my mom told me that I knew what i had to do so I would try my best in school and get good grades.so now I am thinking to join the middle school basketball team but I am still focusing on my grades cause that's important if you want to get any were in life and that's my story of what I am gonna do.

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As you see the pictures above are my inspiration.like Kevin durant nice guarding skills.i learn how to guard basketball players in a game good by looking up to him and thats why he is my first inspiration.my second inspiration is Kyrie Irving I look up to him because of his good handling skills and by doing that it can help pass players guarding me in a basketball game.my third inspiration is Stephen curry I look up to him because of his nice shooting skills and as watching his games that can help me with my shooting so I can score points for my team in a basketball game.and that's why all three of them are my inspiration.
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