# of Jelly beans in a 1-liter jar

Emily Oxford and Gunnar Parker

How many cubic centimeters are in a liter jar?

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What is the approximate size of a jelly bean?

2 cm long

1.5 cm in diameter

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Question involving volume of the liter jar filled with jelly beans

Aren't there spaces between all of the jelly beans when the liter jar is completely full?

--- Yes, we're going to say approximately 80% of the liter jar is filled with jelly beans, and the rest will be the spaces between them.

Equation for finding the volume of 1 jelly bean:

1 Jelly bean= h(3) (d/2)^2

2 cm x 3 (1.5 cm/2)^2 = 27/8

Final Equations

Number of jelly beans = (Volume of jar) (Volume of one bean)

Number of jelly beans = (.80 x 1,000) (27/8) = Approximately 240 jelly beans

*remember to multiply by 1,000 because there are that many cubic centimeters in 1 liter jar.