Kinetic Energy VS Potential Energy!

The battle... So who will win..??

Kinetic Energy- Move your hips

Kinetic energy is when something or someone is moving. For an example say I am standing still and I move my hand to touch something I just used kinetic energy.

1. Moving objects

2. Going a distance

3. Going far

Potential Energy - stand like a soldier

Potential energy

Potential energy is energy that never moves it stays in one place.

1. Soldier like

2. Fun to look at

3. Easy to learn about

The Author

The author is Mariah Nicole Eckler she is a 6th grade student in black water middle schoolsnd she is 12 years old with a science grade at a 93%, and she felt like she could tell everyone about kinetic and potential energy. She doesn't give out her number or address for safety reasons.