Head Chef

Job Description

A head chef or head cook is the kitchen boss. He or she not only has to be able to cook food and lead a team of kitchen workers but also has to figure out how much food will be needed for the week and order food and supplies. Yes, that means there will be math involved. At some restaurants, head chefs create the restaurant's menu and adjust it depending on the seasonality or availability of food - so being able to cook amazing dishes from scratch is a must.

Working Conditions

On your feet with your other chefs and having to work quickly to complete orders and make the best food possible

Training and Education Requirements

High school diploma and chef training from a university

Personal Characteristics

You need to be a leader, friendly, and health conscious

Earnings and job outlook

$41,000 a year not a lot of flexibility because you're are in charge. the job outlook is average so it shouldn't be difficult for finding a job

Education spotlight

le cordon bleu https://www.cordonbleu.edu/home/en

Culinary institute of America http://www.ciachef.edu/