Sacred Circle

International Center for Spiritual Living

Sunday Evening Sacred Circle

Sunday, April 24th, 6-8pm

7 Chemin du Rivage

Chambésy, GE

On Sunday we continued to charge the crystal grid with energy, love and light, which is charging and activating our written vision, wishes and dreams.

The evening meditation was focused on going within visualising and connecting with the creative spirit within - to change the negative internal dialogue to positive creative energy, and to be gentle with ourselves, letting go of guilt and self-criticism that hinder our full potential. Over the week we are affirming our vision every day and not judging our clarity on how others think or how they respond.

Join us this week to go into “Stillness”, a spiritual practice of being still and listening within for instructions to unfold our long held vision, dream and wishes.

Thursday Noon Spiritual Practice

Thursday, April 21st, 12-2pm

7 Chemin du Rivage, Chambesy, GE

This week's Noon Spiritual Practice will be led by Coldrey Blake.

Last week we looked at "What is Mindfulness", and introduced the seven pillars of mindfulness as a practice. We looked at the first pillar of "Non-Judging” and how it relates to our reactions to our inner and external experiences stepping back for it, being mindful and being in the now.

This week we will be looking at that "patience and beginner's mind", the second and third pillar of mindfulness.

There will be new activities coming on Thursdays this month with a variety of leaders. Look for further details in the upcoming newsletters.

!!! NOTE: On Thursdays please park out on the street, Chemin du Rivage !! Courtyard parking space is reserved during the week for the upstairs Officers. Many thanks.

The Beloved Community

We welcome all to our community as we are all one in the One Life.

We have created a vision and mission for our association and now begin the process of creation. We welcome all to our meetings for spiritual growth and transformation, no matter what religious, ethnic or cultural background.

We meet at that place where we are all one ... in that field where there is Unity, Oneness, Love.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.” – Henri David Thoreau