News Paper Project

Presented by: Anon Mathis

Unsung Story: Crispus Attucks

Many people don't have no clue who I am. I am Crispus Attucks, I am the African-American of all white colonists who has been shot first in the Boston Massacre. I was born into slavery, I am the son of Prince Yonger. I ran away from away from my Master William Brown. While in Boston there was lots of chaotic things going on between us colonists and British soldiers. And that's when i was shot, March 5th, 1770. Years after the Boston Massacre, Martin Luther King Jr. mentioned how Crispus stood out in African-American history.

Battle Story: Long Island

Your probably wondering about what battle was major after the Declaration of Independence? The battle of Long Island was major after the Declaration of Independence. This Battle took place in Long, Island New York. Also known as the Battle of Brooklyn. This battle took place in the month of August 27th, 1776. The war included two Americans and British. The Americans were commanded by General George Washington (not 1st United States George Washington), Israel Putnam, William Alexander, and John Sullivan. And the British primary commander was General William Howe. Along with Charles Cornwallis, Henry Clinton, and James Grant. Before the British was forced out of Boston they returned to New York's coast. Lucky, George Washington knew they were gonna come back he had his military defending the city before the British fleet got there. The British attack the American soldiers from the east side. Rather then losing his whole army Washington retreated back to Brooklyn Heights. The final retreat plan was the ride a boat silently in the rainy and foggy weather from the East River to Manhattan. Washington had saved his army, from the British soldiers. The results were the Continental army and Washington was forced to retreat back to Pennsylvania.

Leader Story: Nathaniel Greene

Nathaniel Greene was a Major General during the Continental War. He was a owner of Rhode Island and a politician way way before the Revolutionary War. Greene, associated along with the Wards one of the two fractions that dominated Rhode Island. This gave Greene, the opportunity to learn to read military classics. He was known as the general of the "Army of Observation". He was appointed the youngest of eight brigadier generals. With these abilities with dealing with the Congress her persuaded George Washington to make him Quartermaster General in 1778. After disaster struck again in 1780 at Camden, South Carolina. George Washington had made Greene the commander of the "Southern Army".


  • "My first wish is to see this plague of mankind, war, banished from the earth. -George Washington
  • "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. -Thomas Jefferson

10 Revolutionary War Facts

  1. Washington did not receive pay for his military service.
  2. British soldiers called redcoats because of the color of their uniforms.
  3. About 5,000 African American men and boys fought in the war.
  4. 40%-45% of Americans supported the Revolutionary War.
  5. 15%-20% of Americans were loyalists during the Revolutionary War.
  6. Spying played a huge role in the war, agents on both sides used invisible ink.
  7. In cities such as New York that were controlled by British Army, soldiers took time to act in plays.
  8. The word "independence" never appears in the "Declaration of Independence."
  9. The Stamp Act, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, and Intolerable Acts led to the Revolutionary War.
  10. Washington's smallpox inoculation program was one of his best decisions of the war.


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