Photovoltaic Cells

Dylan Hagar, Abby Ellington, Charlie Taylor, Zoila Rodriguez

Solar Panels

  • Photovolactic cells uses the sun to make energy. Solar panels use photovoltaic cells
  • Photovoltaic Cells charge per watt at about 15000-40000$
  • You can use Photovolatic at home and solar panels have efficiency as high as 19%
  • Photovolatic Cells are used at home and also as heating, it can meet about 14% of the u,s. total electricity needs in 2020
  • Converting sunlight to electricity, produces the solar power
  • You can get free energy after installation because sunlight is free
  • Solar power systems do not harm the environment
  • You can use the solar thermal panels to heat water or air and Photovoltaic panels to make electricity for your house
  • Photovoltaic cells DO work on cloudy days
  • New designs of Photovoltaic cells absorb the suns radiation during the day and produce electricity at night to.