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Palliative Care Explained

Palliative Care is Different from Hospice

Caitlin Holt Siropaides, DO will explain palliative care, how it works with patients who have life-threatening illnesses to help manage symptoms, relieve pain, and improve quality of life throughout treatment. Palliative care can be started early in the treatment of a serious illness, per this UT Southwestern Medical Center webpage on Palliative Care. If needed, they can refer to hospice care which typically serves patients who are in the last six months of life.

You can ASK for palliative care for your loved one! Dr. Siropaides will thoroughly explain palliative care and which major systems in the DFW metroplex provide those services. She is Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Palliative Care, UT Southwestern, a Center Physician Lead of UTSW Palliative Care Clinic.

DATE: Saturday, April 1

TIME: 10:00AM

PLACE: Library of First United Methodist Church Coppell, 420 S. Heartz Road, Coppell, TX

******BREEZEWAY ENTRANCE ONLY: Use the parking lot on the EAST side of the main building and enter at the Breezeway (Stringfellow School entrance) which is between the playground and the Chapel entrance. (All other doors will be locked.)******

Upcoming meetings, 10:00am:

Saturday, May 6 - sharing meeting

Saturday, June 3 - TBD

The Caregiver's Handbook

Published by the National Institute of Health (NIH), this publication addresses the many aspects of caregiving, from the big picture down to details. Truly comprehensive, it helps caregivers cover all their bases and gives new caregivers a place to start. Click here for the handbook.

Starting on page 55 are useful worksheets on various topics:

  • coordinating caregiving responsibilities (like between siblings, for example)
  • a home safety checklist
  • questions to ask before hiring a care provider
  • questions to consider before moving an older adult into your home
  • managing medications and supplements
  • important documents and paperwork
  • financial records

Because really, you can't think of everything! DO check out those worksheets!!

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