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Havel Elementary

Our mission it to educate students, promote life long learning and encourage students to become productive citizens within a positive and safe learning environment.

Great 1st Week!

WOW!! What a fantastic first week of the 2022-2023 school year! From an amazing first day to smooth arrival and dismissals, our community continues to work together to support each other for the good of our students! Thank you, thank you, thank you for trusting us with your child, for working through establishing the routines and procedures of arrival/entering the building, exiting/dismissal, pick up, breakfast, lunchtime, recess, and more!!! If you ever have any questions, please feel welcome to call our office staff at 586-797-5200 or email them at officehavel@uticak12.org. I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday, September 7th at 6:30 for our Open House.

Have a wonderful week,

Mrs. Tepper

Welcome Mrs. Robinson!!

Hello Havel Families,

My name is Mrs. Krysten Robinson and it is with great excitement that I introduce myself as Havel Elementary’s Administrative Intern. It was wonderful to be a part of welcoming you all back to the 2022-2023 school year, and I am excited to be joining this wonderful community of students, parents, and teachers. I look forward to helping provide the best possible education for the students here at Havel.

I hold a Bachlor’s degree in Elementary Education from Central Michigan University and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Saginaw Valley University. For the past 21 years I have been a classroom teacher at Dresden Elementary. During my time at Dresden I taught multiple grade levels and served on several school and district committees. Most recently I had the privilege of serving as an Administrative Intern through Utica Community Schools for the 2022 summer school program.

It has been an exciting week getting to meet all the wonderful students here at Havel Elementary. I have seen a strong foundation in student learning and safety, and I am eager to work with this great community to continue to build upon this. I want to assure you that I will help encourage the wonderful characteristics in place here at Havel Elementary and will help provide a nurturing environment that meets the needs of the children and empowers them to be lifelong learners.

I wish you all a wonderful school year filled with many happy memories. I look forward to getting to know you and becoming part of the Havel Family!

Best Wishes,

Mrs. Krysten Robinson

School Day Times

School starts at 9:20 am daily. Students can be dropped off no sooner than 9:10 am. Parents with students arriving earlier should plan to use the services of SACC. Students arriving after 9:20 am will be marked “tardy.” On half days, students are dismissed at 12:24 pm. Regular school days are dismissed at 4:10 pm.

If you need to change your regular arrangements for your child (i.e. being picked up vs. going home on the bus), please be sure your child has a note. If need be, you can call the office and we will get a message to your child. Please be sure you contact the office before 3:30 pm.

Policy On Personal Items

Any cell phones must be turned off and out of view during school hours or while on the bus OR IT WILL BE CONFISCATED and an adult must come up to school to pick it up.

Students should NOT bring toys, game boys, Nintendo DS or any hand-held electronic games, CD players, MP3 or IPods, PDA’s, memorabilia, special cards or other collectible or expensive items to school.

Havel Elementary School is not responsible for personal items that are lost or damaged.

Such items will be collected and kept in the office. A parent must come and retrieve any items they wish to have returned.

2022-2023 Calendar Dates

The Utica Community Schools teacher/student calendar for 2021-2022 continues to be mutually developed through the collective bargaining process. In the interest of planning, the following dates are confirmed and may be shared with students, staff, parents and community.

August 29, 2022 NO SCHOOL – Professional Development

August 30, 2022 First Day of School for Students- 12:24 dismissal



5-NO SCHOOL – Labor Day

6- Forms Due to Office

7- Open House 6:30-8:00

8- Last Day To Purchase Device Insurance

9- Powerschool Forms Updated and Submitted Online

13- HVL Parent Group Meeting On Zoom (see info below)

14- NO SCHOOL- Professional Development

21- Picture Day

In addition, many vacation dates – such as Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break - are aligned with the Macomb County Common Calendar.

Please note – the final negotiated agreements may result in additional days for these breaks.

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Thank you HVL and Havel families for filling our fridge!! #wildabouthavel

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Open House

Next Wednesday, September 7th we are hosting our in-person open house for all of our families from 6:30-8:00pm. Parents will begin with a presentation in the gym at 6:30 and then be released to go to their child's classroom for grade level specific information immediately following. We look forward to seeing everyone soon! #wildabouthavel
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Meeting with Teachers

Parents will not be allowed back into the classroom during school hours, 9:10 am - 4;10 pm, to drop off any forgotten items or to meet with a teacher unless you have an appointment scheduled. The teachers will provided a list of volunteers and appointments to the office staff.

It is my expectation the during instruction time teachers are face to face with students and making the most of their instructional minutes. To that regard we will not be pulling students out of class or calling down to the classroom for misc. items and messages.

Forgotten items will be placed on the grey bookshelf across from the gym and teachers will be emailed a message for child to grab their item when the teacher determines an appropriate time to leave the classroom. Thank you for helping us maintain our educational environment within the classroom.


Remember ... it is very important that you report your child’s absences to the school. The attendance line answering machine is on 24 hours a day for your convenience.

The Attendance Line number is: (586) 797-5299

Please indicate when you call: Your child’s name, teacher’s name, & the reason for the absence.

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Early Arrival/Dimissal

Our UCS parent and student handbook states, “general supervision begins 10 minutes before the start of school.” At Havel, that means students should arrive at school no earlier than 9:10 am. Students should not come to school before this time, unless enrolled in School Age Child Care (SACC). Teachers will allow students to enter assigned doors at 9:10 am and supervise them until school begins at 9:20 am.

If it becomes necessary for you to have your child leave the building during the school day, please conform to the following:

• Notify the office by phone or note beforehand of the reason for and time of dismissal.

• At the designated time, the parent/guardian or other person designated on the child’s emergency contact designee must come into the office to sign the child out of school.

• All adults must be prepared to show photo ID.

Pet Policy

Please take note:

Utica Community Schools has a no pet policy on school property.

Late Arrival

If your child comes in after the 9:20 bell, YOU MUST ACCOMPANY THEM into the office to sign them in. Please note, they will be marked absent without a parent signature.



Breakfast will be available to all students starting at 9:00 AM until 9:20 AM. The cost is $1.75.


Students may either bring their own lunch to school or purchase a lunch. Elementary lunches with milk will be $2.75.

Student Lunch Hours

AIM & Kindergarten: 12:05-12:25

1st-3rd: 12:30-12:50

4th through 6th: 12:50-1:10

It is very important that students who wish to purchase hot lunch order the day before. All lunches are ordered from the kitchen at Henry Ford II High School. They prepare enough lunches based on the count taken the day before. Please discuss the menu with your child and make sure he/she will eat it before they order. Menus are available on line, please click on the link below to see what we are serving in September.

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Birthday Celebrations

The teachers and staff at Havel strongly support and encourage the recognition of a child’s birthday during the school day. It is an annual milestone in every child’s life that should be celebrated not just at home, but in school as well, where children spend one-third of their day with teachers, classmates, and peers. While there are many wonderful and creative ways to celebrate a child’s birthday in school, birthday celebrations at Havel will not include food treats. Instead, the focus at Havel will be recognizing the day in a variety of special ways that do not include food treats. Some possibilities include:

· Class sings “Happy Birthday”

· Happy Birthday Recess/Gift

· Morning “Happy Birthday” PA announcement

· NEHS Singing Telegram

· Parent makes a donation of book to class library/read to class

· Student reads favorite book to class

· Parent/special someone reads story to class

Your child’s teacher will have more information on how birthdays will be celebrated in the classroom. As educators, caregivers and loved ones we all want the best for our students. Thank you for joining us in giving students healthy opportunities to celebrate important events and achievements.

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Don't forget you must update your child's information in Powerschool!

Student Contact Information/Updates in PowerSchool

There are several items that all parents will need to indicate they have reviewed on their PowerSchool accounts in the Forms section:

1) Student Address, Student Contacts and Health Information

2) Parent Student Handbook

3) Technology Device Use Agreement

4) Technology Device Insurance Opportunity (due September 8, 2022)

Too Sick To Come To School? Take A Peek At These Health Department Guidelines

When is your child too sick to attend school? The following guidelines, along with the advice of your family doctor, will help you decide when your child should stay home:

• Cold and/or cough – a child with deep mucus that causes a cough and heavy nose drainage cannot function at school.

• Fever – fever is a warning that something is wrong. A child should remain at home for 24 hours after the fever is gone without the use of medication.

• Rash – a rash, spots or blotches on the skin can be the first sign of many illnesses. Rashes require a physician’s release stating they are not contagious.

• Stomachache/Upset – a child who is vomiting or has diarrhea should be kept at home and may return 24 hours after the symptoms are gone.

• Head Lice – a child with head lice must remain at home until treatment is complete and school officials confirm he or she is free of lice. Check your child’s head before school begins in the fall and routinely during the school year or if he or she complains of an itchy scalp. Look around your child’s ears and back of the neck for nits, which are tiny, 8 white, oval-shaped lice eggs that are attached to the hair near the scalp. Nits may look like dandruff or scalp flakes, but nits do not move and are difficult to dislodge. Notify the school office immediately if your child has head lice. Begin treatment immediately by contacting your doctor or purchasing over the counter medication from the drug store. To prevent spreading head lice, wash all infested garments, hair accessories, bedding and other surfaces with hot water and disinfectant. You must sign your child in at the office when he or she is returning to school after treatment for head lice.

See below for news from previous Hawk Weekly updates

Security Procedures

We are asking for your assistance to ensure that our security procedures during the school day are effective. As many of you know, our school has a security camera, intercom, and buzzer at the front entrance for use during the school day. To help us assist you when you would like to enter the school:

1. All guests must enter through the main office door

2. Please press the buzzer to speak with someone in the office

3. You will be asked to state your name and reason for visiting

4. Each time you come to the office you will be asked to show your photo ID into the security camera above the outside door

5. Office staff will assist you.

6. Guests must have an appointment to meet with a staff member during instructional hours

In addition, we are asking you to not let any visitors in the door as you enter (and they come up behind you) or as you exit the building.

Finally, all exterior doors are to remain locked and secure daily. Teachers will not prop doors open and any door that is open is to have a staff member monitoring it at all times.

The teachers and staff are committed to student safety and security and we would like to thank you for your assistance in helping keep the students of Havel safe.

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Powerschool Update

An update has been made to PowerSchool which will require parents/guardians to reset their password when logging in for the first time since August 2, 2022. If you have the mobile app, you will need to delete and redownload the app.

Free/Reduced Lunch Applications

Free Meals Have Ended

  • If you would still like to get free and reduced meals, you must fill out an application after July 1
  • If you are not approved for free or reduced meals, you will be required to pay for all meals for the 2022-2023 school year
  • Apply online at Utica Family Portal or https://utica.familyportal.cloud
    Enter “Utica Community Schools” and follow the prompts.
  • Most applications are processed within two (2) working days compared to 10 using paper!
  • Quicker than paper!

Technology Device Insurance- In order to be considered enrolled in the optional Technology Insurance Program, payments must be received no later than Thursday, September 8, 2022.


Student Device Responsibility & Optional Insurance - For all Assigned 1:1 UCS Students

Utica Community Schools is proud to deliver 1:1 technology to our students. Depending upon the grade level, your child has been issued either an iPad or a Dell laptop including charging cords and any applicable accessories. Your child is responsible for the device at all times.

Additionally, a separate Technology Device Use Agreement that includes an electronic sign-off must be provided to the district prior to device distribution. This agreement includes the procedures for Board Policy 6600 - Acceptable Use of the District Technology Resources, acknowledgement that the Student Device Agreement has been discussed with your child, and you have read Board Policy 5160 – Information & Communication Technology. The Technology Device Use Agreement can be found by logging in to your Unified Classroom/PowerSchool parent account using a web-browser (found at this link), selecting “Forms” from the Quick Links menu, and then selecting “Forms” again from the navigation bar. Please note that the PowerSchool app does not contain a link to district forms. Forms are only accessible through a web-browser.

Damage Fees

In the event of damage to an iPad or laptop, district policies and practices require a charge be assessed to cover the repair or replacement cost of the device. The fees described below are based on use of a UCS-provided device and any damage to it, whether accidental or intentional, after it has been issued to the student.

Device Insurance Plan for Accidental Damage – Annual OPTIONAL COVERAGE

An annual insurance plan has been designed to help families if there is an accident that causes damage to the school issued device. When participating in the district’s insurance plan for $15 per year, any accidental damage reported will be covered as described below.

Insurance coverage will repair/replace the device for accidental damage with no cost incurred by the student for the first incident (claim). Subsequent damage repairs during the covered year will have a deductible assessed per instance. Insurance will cover a maximum of 3 damage occurrences during the covered year. The deductible fee schedule for each damage occurrence is outlined below. Please note, if insurance is not purchased, actual repair costs (not to exceed the cost of the device) will apply.


Insurance plan purchase

· $15.00 per device, per year

Device Damage/Occurrence Fees (WITH INSURANCE)

  • First Occurrence - NO CHARGE
  • Second Occurrence – not to exceed $75 (iPad) / $150 (laptop)
  • Third Occurrence – not to exceed $150 (iPad) / $300 (laptop)
  • Thereafter – full repair/replacement cost



· Accessories include, but are not limited to, a USB power adapter, charging cable and/or protective iPad case.

· Replacement of lost or damaged accessories is the responsibility of the student. Utica Community Schools recommends Original Equipment Manufacturer replacements.


· Any damage reported due to misuse, neglect or any other form of intentional damage will result in fees up to the full cost of replacing the device, regardless of your participation in the annual insurance plan.


· Utica Community Schools has selected a protective iPad case for all district issued iPads. Students must NEVER remove the case.

· Any damage that occurs due to the removal of an iPad case is considered INTENTIONAL DAMAGE and is not covered by insurance.


· Lost devices are NOT COVERED under this optional insurance policy.

· In the case of theft of an iPad or laptop, a copy of a completed police report MUST BE RETURNED to Utica Community Schools. A stolen device IS COVERED by the purchased insurance ONLY IF a police report is filed and a copy provided to the district.

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Managing Your Student's Breakfast/Lunch Account

Meal Prices:

Breakfast: All Levels $1.75
Lunch: Elementary $2.75

  • Go to https://utica.familyportal.cloud to set up your account
  • If you had an old Sendmoneytoschool.com account it will help you migrate over to the new site.
  • Please review this video for instructions how to set up your account. Https://utica.familyportal.cloud/tutorials
  • You will need your child’s 9-digit ID number to set it up (you can get this from the office)
  • You can access student meal accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to view account balances, deposit histories, or your child’s meal or snack selections free of charge
  • You can also make deposits to your child’s cafeteria account using Visa, MasterCard or Discover-a bank service fee of $1.50 will be charged to your credit card
  • Breakfasts & Lunches may still be purchased with cash or check; however amounts of $20 or more are recommended
  • Checks should be made to Utica Community Schools Food Service Department
  • Checks returned for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) will be assessed a $25 fee

Suggested Supply List

Please see the link below for a suggested school supply list for the 2022-2023 school year.