My Friends

I’m so glad there are friends in this world. My friends are the best people in the world. I found many of my friends in Elementary school. I went to school at Sullivan Elementary. I was in Kindergarten when I met most of my friends I know now. My friends in my class were Cassie Kutka, Amanda Klinger, and Arianna Stiemkie. We were super close. We hung out with each other all the time. It was so much fun.

In Fifth grade, it was so amazing! Elizabeth Munoz started to go to our school. We never became friends until the end of Fifth grade. We met when we were playing a jump rope game. We’ve been good friends ever since.

When I was in Sixth grade at the Middle School, There was so many new people to meet! I was in Advisory with Elizabeth. In Advisory, I met Alaina Blackledge and Samantha Ness. We became good friends. I also met Rileigh Clark, Taylor Kuptz, Phoenix Juneau, Maddie Ledwitch, Rachel Slaybaugh, and Ella Yost. All these people I met in Middle School.

I’ve had so many good times with my friends. I hope that i will continue to and meet even more friends.