January 2019

SPED Department Update


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Upcoming Events for Case Managers

  • 1/9/2019- Grade verification in Lab D (Planning Period)
  • 1/11/2019- Accommodation Verification
  • 1/11/2019- Paraprofessional Mid-Year Update (completed by supervising teacher)
  • 1/11/2019- Grade books set up
  • 1/14/2019- Department Meeting
  • 1/16/2019- Day #10 of the semester. Have you made contact with your caseload students?
  • 1/18/2019- Mid-Year RBES Due- CHANGE
  • 1/21/2019- MLK Day (No School)
  • 1/22/2019- IT Group Gradebook Check

  • 1/23/2019- Planning Period Meeting for registration

  • 1/31/2019- IEP Progress Reports- sent to parent/guardian

  • 2/1/2019 - Caseload Grades in your mailbox (3rd period)
  • 2/18/2019- Department Meeting
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Have an idea or strategy for the department that would help others? Complete the form below present at our department meeting. Please submit the idea or strategy within 3 days on the date you want to present.

2018-2019 Parent Rights pdf

2nd Semester

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Feb. 18th

March 18th

April 15th

May 6th

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January Birthdays

Jan 5th- John Judge

Jan 8th- Neil Womack

Jan 10th- Mike Cooper

Jan 12th- Sabrina Rushing

Jan 22nd- Milton Woods

Jan 24th- Kathy McDonald

Jan 29th- Julie Ashey

Jan 31st- Rhonda Hardrick

Visitor Management System (VMS)

1. Students need an orange pass to gain entry into another building. Outside of your advisement class, students should not be moving from building to the building unless they receive a pass from an office or there is an emergency situation. If you need to send students to another building during advisement, students must have an orange pass from the requesting teacher, or they will not be permitted into the building and will be redirected to class. Students should hold up their pass to the camera when they ring the bell on the visitor management system.

2. If students are behind you when you are using your card to enter the building, please ensure the students have a pass before you allow them to enter the building behind you.

3. All students must eat lunch in the cafeteria. Students cannot return to the building to eat lunch with you. This issue was addressed at a number of faculty meetings, but we still have a number of students holding lunch trays and ringing in to eat with teachers.