Job Interview

Successful job interviews is critical to finding jobs.

Things that you Should Do Before

  • Take a test run to the location of the interview. If not, be sure of where the location will be, to take note of how long it will take to get there.
  • Research of what kind of job interview you are going to encounter. If you don't know what your interview will be like, try taking note of the main kinds of interviews to know how it will go through.
  • Try to make a history of your job career. If you have not done any jobs in the past, try to make a history of your academic or community achievements, depending on what kind of job you are going to take.
  • Make research on the company. When they ask you questions as of why you want to join their company, show off the research that you have found about them.

Things to do when In an Interview

  • Try to look formal for the interview. Formal clothing shows a look of professionalism to the interviewer.
  • Perform a firm handshake.
  • Try to ask the interviewer questions of the job itself and its company. Questions show of interest in the job.
  • Conduct yourself into someone who is highly determined to acquire the job.
  • Give ideas to contribute to the company, rather than them contributing to you.
  • Try to take notes after the interview. This is so you will not forget crucial details such as what your main duty will be.
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Things you Should Not Do

  • Do not answer your phone during an interview.
  • Do not rely on your application or resume to do all of the talking for you. You will need to answer questions, and sell yourself to the interviewer.
  • Don't lie about questions. Never over-answer questions.
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