Mistura Culinary Festival – Lima


Why is Mistura Culinary Festival Held.

It is when you eat discules food.

Where is this Festival Held.

The festival is held in Prue.

When is Mistura Culinary Festival held.

It happens in September one the first two weeks.

What kind of people and how many dose the Mistura Culinary Festival bring.

It brings everyone in Prue.

What traditions, games, activities, etc. take place during this festival.

There are very big tents and they make food and they go through a line to get food and they eat the food out on the street.

What kinds of music are involved?

The salsa and some jazz beats.

What kinds of food are involved?

There is all kinds of food everyone that can cook come and make food for every on that is there even the people that don't live there.
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