Ms. Sizemore's Class Newsletter

January 13

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, January 14- Ms. Sizemore out for Sound School
  • Wednesday, January 14- Walking Wednesday (Meet at Todd's or IDES campus @ 7:30.)
  • Friday, January 16- Teacher Workday (No school for students.)
  • Monday, January 19- MLK Holiday (No school for students or staff.)
  • Friday, January 23- Author's Celebration @ 1:45
  • Friday, January 23- Spaghetti Dinner
  • Saturday, January 24- Hot Chocolate Run
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Civil Rights Movement

Before the Civil Rights Movement, black people and white people did not share things like water fountains, books and seats. It was hard for them to be friends. In some places, before black people could vote, they had to pay or take a hard test. They might go to jail if they tried to vote. Mr. Coleman came to talk about what he did to make things fair. He went to Mississippi and he helped people register to vote. He got thrown in jail for this but his friend bailed him out. Mr. Coleman did not quit. He kept going. He also got to hear Martin Luther King Jr. speak. That was way back then and we are impressed that he got to hear it. He is a living treasure. During snack one day, Ms. Sizemore only gave snack to the kids who had birthdays in the summer. We were talking about it and then we decided that everyone should have snack because it was not fair. We also read about Mahalia Jackson who kept telling Martin to tell everyone about his dream. She was a good singer and we listened to her songs. In the future, our job is to try to help people get along and make things equal and a fair amount for everyone.

By Cassie Keener Kamiyah Ray

Yesterday, a special guest came in and told us about the Civil Rights Movement. And we learned this- black people weren't allowed to do that much stuff. So we are trying to make the world a better place by spreading peace. I hope you can help with that.

By Maya Tilson

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Author's Celebration

Join us next Friday for an author's celebration at 1:45. Students are going to share the digital books they made about local animals.

What we've been up to in reading...

Last week, we learned about cause and effect. We identified cause and effect relationships in some of our favorite books and now students are working to do this with the books they are reading independently.

What we've been up to in science...

Last week, we started a new unit on states of matter- solids, liquids and gases. There will be lots of hands-on experiments to help us better understand this concept.

What we've been up to in math...

We are working on using skip counting to count larger quantities. Right now, we are focusing on counting by 2's, 5's and 10's. When we start to learn about multiplication next year, we will learn to count by other numbers. Students can practice this when counting objects around the house.


  • Thanks to Amanda (Myles' mom) for bringing her friend, Mr. Coleman, to our class to talk about his experience with Freedom Summer.
  • Thanks to Susan (Hadley's grandmother) for helping us with writing on Tuesdays.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

Your child should have given you a free and reduced lunch application today. Please take a moment to look at it and consider filling it out, as the number of students we have that qualify for free and reduced lunch helps us secure money for our Title 1 teachers and tutors. Filling this form out does not mean your child has to eat cafeteria lunch! Now that you know that this paperwork can actually get us dollars for important teacher positions, please consider taking a look!