Roman Gladiator

By: Arumi Hernandez Mancinas


I selected Roma Gladiator because it looks like an interesting story to read and it is. I liked the way they made body hint and their own weapons. I didn’t like the fact they treated prisoners they treated them like slaves. I thought the mist interesting thing was that fought each other without knowing how they are.


The Roman’s and Gaul’s got into many fights. The Romans and the Gaul’s treated each other like slaves. The fights all took place in Gallia. All the fights happened before and after B.C. There’s a strange way that they makes their own weapons. They did them hard because they didn’t want the other people to steel their way of making the weapons. They made weapons they lost again and again before each fight.


The prisoners had been chained from their hands, feet, and neck and they were led away to begin their new life’s like slaves. You may never see your family again. Always wear a collar with your owner’s name and address so they know who you belong with. Slaves on farms work in all kinds of weather to grow food.


If you were not a slave then you might get killed and it was nasty the way they would have killed you.


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