William Penn

Angelina Dobmeier


William Penn the crater and fonder of our state. wise a Quaker and brilliant. Did you know William Penn was a Quaker? Did you ever ask your self who was the Founder of Pennsylvania who started it all. It was a sad day for William Penn. his father Adme had died. Then the man had a plain for P.A. Also the government is trying to take control. Will William Penn stop this attack attack or lose his colony. Now you may read on to learn more about William Penn.

The Person Who Started it all

The founder of our state. The one who started it all. William Penn. To begin born on October 14,1644. William Penn was a Quaker . In Penn's time Quakers were treated poorly because they had different religious and belief than the rest of England. Even though his father was a part of a religious church. Then as Penn grew up he became a very well the English man. As you can see Willian Penn had accomplished many things in his early life.

The Man With the Man of P.A

As William Penn move on in life things start to change. Big time. Starting off when Penn's father died the king had owed him some money. Penn King Charles to settle the debt by giving him some land America . King Charles agred and Penn named his new colonie Pennsylvania after his father. Penn said the colonie would be a hole experiment . Penn invited people of all religions to live at the new colonie. In the end Penn would not have Pennsylvania without Charles .

What Happens Next in Penn's Story

A few years later William Penn was very old and this is what happened.To start off the government tried to tack control of Pennsylvania. But failed in humidity. William Penn was arranging to sell Pennsylvania to the English crown in 1712. Then Penn suffered a series of strokes. The strokes eventually impaired his mental ability and eventually parallelized him. On July 30,1718 William Penn died. To end off on the grate man has fallen William Penn is dead.


William Penn was smart man and the founder of our state. As you can see William Penn was the founder of Pennsylvania and a grate Quaker. Penn's father Adam had died. The king owed Adam some money. So Penn had asked the king incited of money he asked him for some land. He named it Pennsylvania. Now to the end of Penn's life many things had happened.


* Quaker- People who believe in their own religion.

* Debt- An amount of money that you owe a person ,bank or company .

* Pennsylvania- Pennsylvania means Penn's woods.

* Religion- The belief in a god or a group of gods.


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All About the Author

Hi I'm Angelina Dobmeier and I am the writer of this page. I go to James W Parker middle school. Personally I do not like writing. But I still do good in language arts. I absolutely love the book swindle. I very recommend that book and the rest of the series.