Solar System Exploration

Kane Deaton

Percival lowell

pre 1900

Date of Berth and Death

Percival Lowell was born on 13 of March 1855.

He then died November 12 1916

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He was a businessman and he made lots of money and then he became astronomer.He then new there was a planet near Neptune and Uranus so he put all of his money to try and find the planet.

He called it Planet X

Main discoveries

Percival Lowell was a American astronomy he new that there was a planet out there that hadn't been discovered so he set out to find Planet X.

But he didn't end up finding it Clyde Tombaugh found Planet X February 18 1830 he then studied it and it crosses Neptune's orbit .

They then had to find a name for Planet X in March 24 1930.

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technologies used

they used a huge telescope and there really good maths and calculations

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contributions to knowledge

it help lots of people because many people wonder how many planets there is in our solar syctim

Post 1900

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mars rover

it started 24 of january 2004


there main goal was to get a sample of the mars rocks

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technolohie used

the mars rover was used,really high teck computers vrobots to make the mars rover

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the mars rover and its team were the first to find lots of water on mars.

additional imformation

they trained it after they built it.