The 90s

Trends & Fads

Bill Nye the Science Guy

After decades of teaching kids about the ways of science, the 90s saw the Bunsen-burner torch passed from Mr. Wizard to a new guy with his own quirky method for making learning fun, Bill Nye the Science Guy. Reminiscent of that high school science teacher that every kid hoped they would get, his off-kilter (and often high-speed) approach kept the attention of every tyke that ever tuned in.

Game Boy

It’s a nice sunny day; birds are chirping, the world is turning, and if you are kid addicted to video games – you might not even know that such simple pleasures exist. You are tethered to the television in an all out battle alongside Mario. Wouldn’t it be nice if one could carry their video addiction wherever their travels take them, a nice monkey on their back as it were? Well, dream became reality in the 90s and thy name was Game Boy
Soul Train 1974