RILINK Newsletter

March 2019

LORI Certification Update

The certification window will close on March 15th leaving less than two weeks until the deadline.

The benefits of LORI membership include resource sharing with RILINK/LORI schools and the entire Ocean State Libraries network. It is also possible to borrow from academic and out-of-state libraries. The ability to provide needed materials to your students, staff, teachers and administrators is one of the ways school libraries are seen as essential partners in creating lifelong learners.

There is a wealth of interlibrary loan information available on the RILINK LibGuide. RILINK staff is available to assist with the certification process. Email questions to Karen.

Library of Rhode Island (LORI) Grant Applications Due March 18

If your library is a LORI member and you have a project idea that needs funding, check out the LSTA grants available through OLIS. Even if you missed the required grant meeting on Monday, you can still view the video of the meeting and send in your application.

Please review the instructions and application procedures carefully. According to the grant announcement “Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals that expand access to library collections and services, that feature new uses of technology, that expand use of library services or the role of the library in the community, or that demonstrate new models for library service.” Grants must be executed between April 1 and August 31, 2019.

Grants from $5,000.00 to $50,000 are available in several categories, with smaller LORI Learning Grants in amounts from $1,000 to $2,000 for Summer Learning and Connected Learning. Grants should address OLIS goals for access to library materials and information resources, continuing education, and engagement with the local community. To see the priorities for this subgrant program visit

The RILINK Staff is looking to respond to your requests for help in a more effective and efficient way. Please help us help you by filling out the RILINK Help Request form. If the issue is time sensitive, please remember to text or call a staff member.

New BookLynx Titles Coming Soon

Check your email next week for an announcement of new titles !

Starting at midnight on January 1, tens of thousands of books (as well as movies, songs, and cartoons) entered the public domain, meaning that people can download, share, or repurpose these works for free and without retribution under US copyright law. Check out Motherboard to find out how to actually download these books.

Locating a book largely depends on to which site you go. If you can’t find a book on one site, you can probably find it on another. For instance,, as well as The Literature Network (mostly major authors), and Librivox (audio books), Authorama (all in the public domain), and over a dozen other sites all have vast selections of free ebooks according to

Also a handful of archiving projects are doing extensive work to digitize books, journals, music, and other forms of media, including Project Gutenberg which has over 58,000 free downloadable books. According to the Motherboard article, many more books will become available legally and for free across the web in the coming weeks and months.

RILINK Schools HTTPS Update

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All World Book and CultureGrams widgets have been updated to RILINK Managed ones. They are mapped. This means changes to the widgets can be handled by RILINK Staff all at once. If you have added the widget code using a Rich Text Source code, updates will still need to be made individually.

Over 700 http widgets remain in the RILINK Schools Assets. They may already be "missing" or not working on your LibGuides site. The presence of these widgets also means your library site URL will show up as "Not Secure." This short video shows you how to view a list of affected widgets in your site.

Links as well must be updated to ensure your library site comes up as secure. Site owners will determine if they wish to continue to link to non secure sites.

Need to review the original notification about this? View the January newsletter.

Want to use RILINK Managed widgets, videos, & documents? View this guide to see what is available and the directions for how to map to these content items..

Stay current with new Destiny Discover enhancements

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When you are logged into Destiny Discover, choose Help in the left-hand column under the Menu symbol, and then scroll down the resulting page to What’s New! Recent enhancements include the ability to log in from a Title Details page once you find something plus easier, directed access to WebPath Express and Collections resources.

Corner Bookshelf

Kara LaReau, Rhode Island author and keynote at the RILINK Fall Conference 2016, recently released her third title in The Unintentional Adventures of the Bland Sisters series. Flight of the Bluebird was recently reviewed in The Providence Journal by Kathy Odean.

Learn more about Ms. LaReau at