Solar Panels


Purpose Of Solar Panels?

A purpose I'm trying to show a sign of saving electricity.


A French physicist Alexandre Edmond Baquerel in 1839.

How It Was Used Originally Invented?

It was originally used to measure light.

How It's used Today?

We use it today to power homes, cars ,appliances , business, and cities

Innovations Since Invention?

It is know a clean reliable, and increasingly affordable growth.

Which Technology Classifies Artifact?

Energy and power is what it's best classified.

Impacted In A Positive Way?

By converting sunlight into electricity or transferring the suns heat to heating and ventilation systems.

Impacted In A Negative Way?

They may contain hazardous material that can be released when a panel is damaged or disposed properly. On a cloudy day the solar panels could not have enough energy provided to power something.

Science- They used shining light on electrode submerged.

Technology- This is powered and reliable resource today.

Engineering- Sun provides energy.

Math- To have certain amounts made and measured.

If I Had An Ability To Change It?

I would change the price because not many people can't afford it.