Carboniferous Period

Let's Go Back in Time!

Major Events

Appalachian Mountain are beginning to form. North America and Northern Europe are not where they are today, they lie in he tropical area near the equator. The very first amphibians are appearing on Earth. Winged insects begin to fly around everywhere. Also lots of coal was formed in this time.

Climate and Environment

The climate was hot and humid around most areas, but at the poles it was cold and many glaciers had formed. The climate was much like today's but the temperatures were in different places than what it is today, other than the poles. The environment has many swamps and large forests.

Dominant Organisms

  • Spiders

  • ferns

  • dragonflies

  • shark

  • bony fish

  • crinoids.

Some of the animals became o large because of the plants. They would produce more oxygen which made the animals grow more, but when they died it all went away but turned to coal.



Travelers would find lots of swamps and forests, there would be small mountains that look like hills, and not many insects flying around like we see today.

Comfort and Safety

They should pack boots for the swamps, long pants for going out in the forest, clothes to keep you cool, because it is so hot, and have some bug repellent.


Some of the amphibians wouldn’t be used to having people around so you should watch out. If you are swimming in the ocean watch out for sharks, they are still evolving.

The Carboniferous Period - Earth Science Project