Aidan Hainke

7th Hr

Hobbies and Activities

I enjoy camping, fishing, playing and watching sports, skateboarding and long boarding, movies, reading, playing video games, and playing guitar. I am a big Star Wars fan! I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and am very involved in going to meetings at the Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah's Witnesses and going out in the ministry preaching and teaching to others about the Bible.


The schools I have attended are Newell Elementary School (in Grand Island, Nebraska) I've done two homeschooling programs and am now going to Buhler High. One of my favorite memories from school was when I got to make my very own volcano! We watched it ooze out the lava( food coloring) all over the place. Right now I am not planning on going to college.


I have a mom, a step-dad, a step-sister, a sister, and a baby brother who live in Hutchinson KS. My biological dad lives in Grand Island, Nebraska. My grandparents live in Hutch also and spend lots of time with them.