Mysterious Powder

Lab Report


The test our group chose where iodine, alcohol,pH,and analyzed physical properties.The reason we chose pH to see if it was acidic or basic.We chose the alcohol test to see if it would react with the powder. We chose the physical property because we wanted to observe what powder(s) where in the mysterious powder.And we chose iodine to see if it contained starch.

Results and Conclusion

Results/Conclusion- So when we took the 4 test we found out many interesting things. We found out that the pH is 8 which is the same as red, green and purple. The powder also was grainy and fluffy so we assumed it came from the bakery.We thought about this decision very carefully and we decided it came bakery because to use it looked like flour, sugar and salt.For the iodine test it was 75% positive and 25% negative. For the alcohol test it made a slimy thick paste.