Unit Seven Mastery Two

Ethan Stumbo



Think you have a case? We will serve as your plaintiff to the court, this means that we will present your lawsuit before a court of law.


As your plaintiff we will help you organize the facts of your case into a legal document to present to the defendant.


Stuck in a lawsuit? We can help with some of the best defense attorneys in the area.


A summons is a legal document issued whenever someone has filed a lawsuit against you, and tells you that you have to be in court and more importantly when. Issued a summons? We can help!


This is a document where it is outlined why you think you are innocent, or why you think the person you are filing against is guilty, in either case, we can help.

Pretrial Conference

The pretrial conference is a meeting we will have before the case, to discuss the facts and just generally prepare for trial.


Mediation is something that takes place in a case, where essentially there is a middleman to ease tensions and help resolve a case.


If you so wish, we can aid with working with any outside parties to send data to an unbiased third party, to help resolve the case.


The trial, were the case is seen by judge and jury, we will be there with you every step of the way.

Preponderance of Evidence

The evaluation of evidence, we pride ourselves in making sure the evidence we gather is quality, and well evaluated, and not just grasped straws to make it appear as if we have more evidence than we do.


Where the jury determines innocence or guilt, we're so confident, you only pay if you get the outcome you want!


Get the outcome you didn't want? We can help you file an appeal to get everything looked over again.