Katie Renee Putman


About Me

My name is Katie, I have been attending Childersburg High since 9th grade. I moved to Childersburg From North Carolina. Some of the activities i have participated in include The Childersburg Tiger Band and I also Played JV softball for Childersburg. I participated in Softball My 9th grade year and the Band from 9th grade until 11th grade. I turned 18 in November of last year. And on April 8th of this year just married my best friend. He is currently in Basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia and once I graduate we will be stationed in Fort Campbell Kentucky. I am pretty excited about my future and can not wait for it to begin.

Academic- Critical Thinking- (Paramedics Essay)

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Academic- Creativity- (Budget Project)

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Academic- Collaboration

In Earth and Space Science we had to do news videos reporting on different natural disasters. Our group presented on Tornadoes and made a News video about a man being affected by a tornado.
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Academic- Communication

In English this year we have read Othello By Shakespeare and at one point we had to describe the difference between movie posters throughout the years and why they have changed.
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My two career choices are between A veterinarian assistant, and a Registered Nurse.

The required schooling for a Veterinarian assistant includes 1 year of online or in class training. And the required amount of schooling for a Registered Nurse include a Bachelors Degree, Associates Degree, or a nursing Diploma.


For the entirety of my Senior year I have been and employee of our local Subway in Childersburg. I have also volunteered at Alabama food solutions. And have also spent most of my Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in Mrs. Hayes Speacial Education class spending time with all of her wonderful students.
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