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Scientist: Andre-Marie Ampere

A French physicist and mathematician who is generally regarded as one of the main founders of the science of classical electromagnetism, which he referred to as "electrodynamics". The SI unit of measurement of electric current, theampere, is named after him.

Scientist: James Maxwell

His theory of electromagneitsm demonstrates that electricity, magnetism and light are all manifestations of the same phenomenon, namely the electromagnetic field. Maxwell's achievements concerning electromagnetism have been called the "second great unification in physics, after the first one realized by Isaac Newton.

Scientist: Alessandro Volta

He managed to isolate methane. He devised experiments such as the ignition of methane by an electric spark in a closed vessel. Volta also studied what we now call electrical capacitance, developing separate means to study both electrical potential (V ) and charge (Q ), and discovering that for a given object, they are proportional. This may be called Volta's Law of capacitance, and it is likely that for this work the unit of electrical potential has been named the volt.

Scientist: Heinrich Hertz

He clarified and expanded James Clerk Maxwell's electromagnetic theory of light, which was first demonstrated by David Edward Hughes using non-rigorous trial and error procedures. Hertz is distinguished from Maxwell and Hughes because he was the first to conclusively prove the existence of electromagnetic waves by engineering instruments to transmit and receive radio pulses using experimental procedures that ruled out all other known wireless phenomena. The scientific unit of frequency – cycles per second – was named the "hertz" in his honor.

Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetism helps to:

1) Allows use to generated electrical power.
2) Allows use to use TV, Radio, cell phones.
3) Gives us light to see by.
4) protects the earth from CME from the sun
5) Gives us a magnetic north and south
6) Allows us to transform energy to different voltage levels
7) Used to make solenoids and electromagnets
8) Helps to cause the northern lights
9) Is responsible for geomagnetic ground currents
10) Use for MRI imaging
11) Allows us to create and use particle accelerators

Without electromagnetism, there would be no electric motors, relays or contractors Everything would have to be driven by internal combustion engines or steam engines; the world would be very different.


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