What's Eating You?

Anorexia Nervosa

What is anorexia?

It is classified as an eating disorder. This eating disorder is when you refuse to eat, excessive exercising, or both. It can usually be self-diagnosed but in some cases, some cannot diagnose themselves, for they do not know what to notice and can be in denial.

Signs to look for

according to Mayo Clinic, symptoms of anorexia include extreme weight loss, abnormal blood counts, fatigue, bluish discoloration in fingers, hair thins or breaks off, intolerance of cold, low blood pressure. May also use laxatives, diet aids, or herbal products. In many cases, emotional and behavioral symptoms also begin to change with this disorder; flat mood, social withdrawal, irritability, denial of hunger, depressed mood, repeated weighing or measuring themselves, frequently checking mirror for perceived flaws, and of course complaining about being fat.

Causes and effects

The exact cause for this eating disorder is uncertain but is believed to be caused by biological, psychological, and environmental issues.

Anorexia can cause severe effects such as anemia, heart problems, bone loss, electrolyte abnormalities, kidney problems, and in some severe cases death or suicide