Keep Them Clean!

Just brush your teeth, dude


Your smile a major part of your first impressions on other people. A good first impression is a key to success in life. So having a clean mouth is a big deal. Brushing your teeth is essential to having a clean mouth. But here are some other reasons that brushing your teeth is a good idea.

One-Stop Solution

Are you single and/ or lonely? Maybe that's because you have stinky breath. The one simple solution to all of your problems is simply brushing your tongue when you brush your teeth. When brushing your teeth just simply isn't enough, brushing your tongue will do the job.

Don't Die.

Not brushing your teeth makes your teeth nasty. Nasty teeth causes you to lose your job. Not having a job means you won't have money. Not having money means you can't buy food to eat. Not eating will cause you to die. Don't die. Just brush your teeth.