December Doings!


Happy Holidays!!!!!

I wish your families the most restful, enjoyable of holiday breaks. I truly love having your children in my life!! We are working hard each day and growing and learning so much!! They are such kind and loving children and you should be so proud of the progress they are making.

Enjoy your time together!!!

See you next year!!


Ms. Fox

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Samurais in History by Jack

In history class this week we are learning about China and how the people in Japan were influenced by the culture and customs of China. In Japan, the soldiers are called samurais, They lived by a special code. Each samurai had their own sword made special for them.
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Star Wars the Force Awakens by Christian

Last night, Star Wars the Force Awakens came out. Star Wars already has raised 50 million dollars. It bring back some favorite characters like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.

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Winter Concert by Gage, Michael and John

At Wednesday, the 6th grade students did their winter concert in the auditorium. They started at 8:00 at night. They sang three songs.

(In order)

  • Christmas Bells Are Ringing

  • Light The Candles

  • Pinball Wizard

It was very fun. We were the highlight of the show... We are in 6th grade so we have to wear formal concert attire. This means white shirt, black pants or skirt , and nice shoes. Mr. Princing had a band come to play while we sang Pinball Wizard, it was so COOL !!!! I love to sing and can’t wait for the spring concert .

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Animal Reports by Zi Rui

Remember the animal report we did on Bei Bei? We did some more reports

but there is one difference, it's not on Bei Bei. We were allowed to pick our own animals then we did some research, so we can become expert on that animal. Everyone picked their own animal and start doing research on it. We found a lot of different facts. Some are interesting, some are funny and some are weird. But they all taught us something about that animal. Everyone learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

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Brookside Buddies by Ben

This week at Brookside we participated in a program called Brookside Buddies. On Monday, we picked a secret buddy in Homeroom. For the rest of the week we gave our secret buddy notes or treats. Our buddies gave us suprises too. On Friday we revealed who our buddies were and found out who had us. I liked it a lot because I got to give out treats.
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Now Decimals by Hailey and Monserrat

We are moving on to decimals. They are still parts of wholes!! We will be so great at this because we were great with FRACTIONS!!

The new year is going to be filled with MATH, MATH and more MATH!!!!

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My visit to see BEI BEI by Ms. Fox

As you have undoubtably have heard, I won a trip to the National Zoo to see our favorite panda, Bei Bei. I promised the kids I would share all of my highlights with them and I have!! Here is the moment that they brought Bei Bei out to meet us!!

What a wonderful moment.. It was so wonderful to share it with the kids, they were as excited as I was!!!

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