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March 2018

7 Habits of Happy Kids: Sharpen The Saw

When you ask a kid (or grown-up) what their favorite Habit is, many answer Habit 7: Sharpen The Saw. Sharpen the Saw means taking care of your mind and body by relaxing, doing your favorite hobbies, and having fun. And while it sounds like a someone saying their favorite class at school is recess, Habit 7 is critical to being a well-rounded individual and being able to perform at the highest levels. Spring Break is a perfect time to practice sharpening your child's saw and balancing work and fun. Remind your child that they can renew and strengthen their body by exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep; their brain by reading and learning new skills; their heart by being a good friend and family member; and their soul by helping others and giving back.
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Webster Elementary School

Michelle Mitchell, Principal

Julie Underhill, Asst. Principal

Julie Manary, Counselor