Coding 2

Marking Period 1: Week 5

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Part 1: Sign Up For Scratch

  • Click the link below to go to Scratch!
  • Follow the steps to create an account
  • Use your palcsmail (gmail) address to sign up
  • If you already have a Scratch account, you can continue to use it
  • Write down your username and password and keep it near your computer
  • Confirm your account by sending a message to your palcsmail, then go to your palcsmail and click on the confirm link.
#1: Click Here to Join Scratch

Click "Join Scratch" & follow the steps! Remember your username & password! Explore!

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Part 2: Explore Scratch

  • Click on some on the projects to see what students from around the world are creating!
  • You can click "see inside" to check out how the project was coded using the coding blocks!
  • You can watch "how to" videos to begin learning how to create your own projects!

Part 3: Share Your Scratch Username

  • Click on the link below to add your Scratch Username to our class Padlet!
  • Type your Scratch Username in the online text box

*Make sure you also type your Scratch Username in the online text box for this assignment to receive credit! Also, that way I know you successfully signed up for Scratch! If you're having problems signing up, check the course Moodle page and look under the Bulletin Board for step-by-step instructions!

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Parents: Questions About Scratch?

Click Here: All About Scratch for Parents

Click the button above to learn about Scratch and it's safe online learning environment!

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See You In CyberSpace!