MARCH 30th - April 3rd

There is a link to last weeks Smore at the bottom of the page in case any of you need it to complete last weeks work.


Below you will find a selection of paintings. Look at each one and choose the one that stands out to you the most.

Your Assignment:

In an email, send me your critique, ensuring you discuss at least two elements from the artwork, (for example, you might choose to talk about the color and balance, or you may want to comment on the use of positive and negative space, etc...).


I really enjoyed last weeks assignment where you shared with me about an artist that inspires you. This week I want delve deeper into the subject.

Your Assignment:

Choose an artist you follow (it can be the same one from last week or a different one), and pick your favorite and your least favorite artwork they have done.

In an email to me critique both using the vocabulary from last year, talk about at least two principles of design or elements of art in each art piece as you expound on why you like the one that's your favorite and why you dislike the other one.

The email doesn't need to be long but make sure you answer all of the questions.

ART 3 & 4

Last week you found your prompt from one of the two websites provided, this week I would like to see your progress on the art piece.

Your Assignment:

You may email me a picture of your progress or join me in my online office hours, Monday from 1-2 or Wednesday from 11-12 to show me where you are in the art making process.

Please Note: I need to see your progress by Friday if you want a grade.

Link to last weeks smore