Antelope High School Library News

Summer Edition 2018

1:1 Chromebook Roll-Out

All freshmen and sophomores will receive Chromebooks and chargers on August 3, 2018. Chromebooks will be brought back and forth to school every day. Charging them every night will be a must!

Optional insurance coverage will be available for the Chromebooks. Forms and information can be found on the District website.

Juniors and Seniors will continue to have Chromebooks available to them in the classroom.

Technology integration will be a main priority next school year, and beginning on August 14-17th, students will receive Digital Literacy education to go along with the Chromebooks.

Social Studies, English, and Health classes will also be incorporating Digital Literacy lessons and all classrooms will have common Chromebook Expectations.

We are excited to take our students to the next level with technology while guiding them in the proper and safe use of their devices.

You can find additional digital citizenship information on the District Website.


Avoid the "Summer Slide" and take the AnHS Reading Challenge. Claim your prizes when you return to school in August!

Upcoming Library Programs 2018

The AnHS LIbrary will be implementing a Teen Advisory Board for the 2018-2019 school year. Titan students will be in charge of designing, planning, and advertising events and programs of their choice to their fellow Titans. We are excited to ramp up our makerspace activities through this student group and bring a variety of new ideas such as compassionate making and global citizenship to our Library.

Database Upgrades 2018

The State of California will now be offering California Public Schools a database bundle free of charge. Students will have access to a greater number of databases and be exposed to a wider variety of database interfaces to better prepare them for their future college and career pursuits and help them become more information literate.

Technology Upgrades

The Library will be continuing our gradual replacement of old PC computers with new Chromeboxes and Chromebooks to further support the technology integration in the classrooms. Students will also have the capability to print from Chromebooks while in the Library.