Solar Energy

Savannah Witcher

What is Solar engery ?

Solar energy is the conversion of sunlight into electricity.

There are two kinds of the energy, P.V and CSP.

Pv- Is solar energy directly being used.

CSP- Indirectly using concentrated solar power

The Discovery Of Solar Engery

In 1876, William Adams and Richard Day produced a very small portioned amount of electricity by light. This was the making of the first time someone was able to convert light into energy without any extra movement.

Importance of solar energy

Personally The importance to solar energy to me is the facts based on the pros of the energy usage , this energy is so efficient to the modern day to save more pollution than that already causes on the daily basis.

Geographically this topic is important because its became a big research to make it more valuable for people , and due to the geographical state it helps a lot , You can never run out of the energy source , and it doesn't harm the air and doesn't cause any harm to the users.

The Future of Solar energy

Solar energy has be came much more efficient , and more common into today's modern stance from being more knowledgeable scientist , Its been illustrated that solar energy will become an important mainstream of energy source.

Where is solar energy mostly used ?

Germany is the most common country to find the most solar energy users.

The United States we rank in the middle of 7,771 ( 4th )

Benefits of Solar Engery

-You're never going to run out of it.

-Very little maintenance on the users

-Never produces pollution

-When business use solar panels it lowers prices for maintenance and are able to lower prices in product

Cons of solar energy

-This equipment for the panels can be very expensive

-You'll be able to get exotic material

-The space requirements to install is a lot.

-Energy storage is expensive

Future of the solar energy

The future of solar energy can be very developed if the Untied states getting more up to the date with the ideas of letting there be a mass production.

Political reviews On Solar Energy

Solar Energy would only be making up 0.6 of the usage of the US , Therefore it wouldn't be very valuable for the country to make it mass production , and I agree with this because if it isn't going to benefit the factors its supposed to , we shouldn't make the money into it.