Stephan f austin state university.

is SFASU a good college to want to attend?

what the students think of their school

a website for sudents to comment on stated SFASU was a great college to attend they wrote positive comments and tips about SFASU. many students stated there was a great learning program and that it was filled with several oppritunitues.

how SFASU came to be!

They founded SFASU from the founder and discoverer of texas, Stephen f. austin. they thought he should be rewarded for finding texas! this school is located in my home town, nackgdoches,TX  the first town that stephan f austin found its also known as : THE OLDEST TOWN IN TEXAS.

!this school is great!

by my research i found that this school has gotten great reviews and that SFASU is a recommended school for those interested in business and many other careers. They in fact have a very large amount of enrollments every year for their business classes and so forth.