Making the Change

Changing Careers Including a Location Change


No matter what kind of career you have or are changing into; doctor to chef, secretary to dentist, any kind of move or relocation may be unexpected-but inevitable. But it is not impossible.


Its OK to ask for assistance: Some careers will offer assistance to help with your move or relocation. If it's not normally given, try to negotiate for an easier transition.

Don't make any long term commitments: While moving for a job or job change is a big step, you need to be sure that you are not closing any doors of opportunities.

Take time to get familiar with the new environment: Starting any new job is stressful but it would worsen it to start in an uncomfortable area. Get to know the local neighborhoods and districts before starting your job.

Know the cost of living: While you should have a salary compensation, if the move is large enough that you don't know the costs of living, you should research and double check.

Don't be nervous or afraid: Everyone knows what it's like to experience change. Everyone has started new jobs before. While the luxury of knowing the area or business is gone, starting your new career can still be a success.