Sixth Grade Social Studies


Africa has six major ecological and climate zones. These zones inclued the Mediterranean, Sahel, Sahara Desert, Savanna, and the Forest zone. There are no other geographical features that go across Africa except the Niger River.

Three West African Kingdoms

Long ago in Africa, their were three ancinet kingdoms. Their names were Ghana, Songhai, and Mali. Ghana was the first kingdom. It was known for its gold but, gold was never a major product at Ghanas time, which is 800 to 1200. The next kingdom was Mali. Mali was a new kingdom in the gold region after Ghana fell. The empire fell under a weak ruler named Maghan. All of its lands were lost around 1500. Songhai was the third empire. Its people depended on the Niger River, which all of the three kingdoms ruled over. Around the 1590s Songhai fell to invaders.

African Kingdoms


People all over Africa have many different religions but, in ancinet times the Islamic religion started to spread. When traders came from all over for Africas large amount of gold they shared their new religion. Africa had many islamic citys that included Timbucktu and more. Today many africans worship the Islam religion and enjoy practicing it.

Early Peoples' Way Of Life

The early western africa was very large. It usually included the father, mother, children, and close relatives to one household. They were taught to be loyal to their family and were formed at age sets to help the villiage work together. The men hunted, farmed, and raised livestock while the women farmed, collected firewood, ground grain, carried water, and cared for the children,

Early West African Village Society

Each ancient civilization had a social society. In West Africa families, extended families, villiage cheifs, and a council of elders were all apart of this society.