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Geelong Smile Studio Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Geelong Smile Studio Celebrates One Year Anniversary in New Premises

Principal dentists Dr. Jason Gray and Dr. Alison Robinson, of the Geelong Smile Studio are proud to announce the official one-year anniversary of their new premises situated at 7 McKillop Street, Geelong, Victoria.

Construction of Drs. Gray & Robinson’s new practice commenced in August 2011 and was completed in September 2012, is situated in the former Sisters of Mercy residence. The 19th-century heritage building was remodelled extensively to create a warm and inviting Dental Studio full of personal touches.

Jason and Alison, as well as being business partners, are also husband and wife, and live together in Torquay surf area with their three children. Their new practice, which is currently celebrating its one year anniversary, services the districts of Warnambool, Port Campbell, Lorne, Angelsea and Torquay, as well as Geelong and the whole Bellarine Peninsula. At this one-year old purpose-built clinic, Jason and Alison provide patients with full dental services including advanced reconstructive services, whilst also endeavouring to cater to the comfort of their clients. As part of their desire to create a relaxing environment, the new Geelong Smile Studio offers beverages while waiting, and has a unique audio-visual system which allows clients to watch foxtel from screens mounted on the ceiling, while their dental work is being carried out.

The team at Geelong Smile Studio are proud of their new studio, which is celebrating its one-year anniversary, and cordially invite interested members of the public and the press to come view the Studio for themselves.

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